Biddulph Rotary club  has celebrated the 49th anniversary of its Charter at Astbury Golf Club. (Look for the photo in our Gallery!)
President Rob Lomas welcomed 75 Rotarians and Guests from Biddulph and 8 other clubs in the district.
Guests of honour were the Biddulph Town Mayor, Jill Salt; the President of Biddulph Inner Wheel, Carole Dale; District Governor of the Rotary North West District, Stan Bowes;  the President of Congleton Rotary Club, Biddulph's 'mother club', David Worth; and guest speaker, Adam Partridge.
Following an excellent meal and the formal Toasts and Responses, it was the turn of the guest speaker, Adam Partridge, the TV auctioneer and antiquarian, to entertain the audience with an extremely amusing talk about the more unusual experiences he has had in connection with his work. In particular he mentioned a box of miscellaneous items that a lady had inherited from her mother and wanted to sell. On examining the contents he found a small book, written in a non roman alphabetic script, which he eventually identified as Jewish. When he asked the owner about it, she didn't even realise that it had been in the box, and knew nothing about it. On further investigation it turned out to be a very old and rare prayer book which was eventually sold for over £300,000.

At a recent meeting of Biddulph Rotary, President Rob Lomas presented a cheque for £1500 to the 'Blood Bikers'. This is a voluntary group, which is available to transport urgent medical supplies such as Blood and Baby's milk from one hospital to  another where it is urgently needed. The 'Blood Bikers’, are a group of dedicated volunteers, who receive no funding from the government, and turn out at all hours and in all weathers, to transport life-saving blood, breast milk and organs between hospitals in the North Midlands. This service not only saves lives but also saves the NHS a great deal of money.
The money donated was raised at the Astonbury Beer and Music Festival, organised jointly by Biddulph Rotary and the Astbury Community Committee (ACE), in July last year
Anyone who is interested in becoming a member of Rotary Biddulph can obtain further information from Martin Gravestock on 07775 536105


 At the beginning of 2016 three slightly 'off-the-wall' Rotarians decided it would be 'a jolly jape' to push a supermarket trolley from Biddulph to Llandudno and raise a few pennies for charity. Three months later, and very much more sober, Rotarians Tony Birchall, dave Ash, and John Robinson reconsidered their foolhardy plan, and decided if they were going to do it, they'd ASK Sainsbury's for a trolley, PLAN  a route, and link it in with a major Rotary event. 

Part 1 was when we found out that Rotary North West were holding their annual conference in Llandudno in October, so we decided that the trek would take place from October 22nd to October 28th, and the trolley's arrival in Llandudno would coincide with the first day of Conference.

Part 2 came to fruition with the agreement of Sainsbury's Biddulph to 'donate' a trolley for the walk itself. 

Part 3 was the most difficult, planning a route. Many times the maps were pored over, selected roads selected and then rejected, before Club President Rob Lomas, Tony, Dave and John, agreed on a final route.

Part 4 was coming up with a catchy 'strap-line', and almost by accident we stumbled upon the title TROLLEY TREK. Good eh?

The final piece of the jigsaw was slotted into place when 'Approach' and 'Action for Children' agreed to be our two chosen charities.

What a week it turned out to be; Despite our major concern being the weather, I am delighted - and mightily relieved - to report that that not one single drop of rain fell upon us during that week. Although cold on that first day, the rest of the week would prove to be positively balmy by comparison.

Rotary ‘Know your blood pressure Day’, in Biddulph, was a great success. In a bid to conquer the threat of suffering a stroke, Biddulph residents were offered free blood pressure checks at Sainsbury’s store on Saturday last.
Anyone shopping in the store had the opportunity to have their blood pressure checked and were given information and advice on how to keep their blood pressure under control.
On the day, between 10am and 4pm, a total of 213 blood pressures checks were undertaken. From this number 4 had low blood pressure and 31 had high blood pressure, all were advised to consult their GP within a month; 6 persons had a blood pressure reading which was even higher and  they  were advised to make an appointment  with their GP within the week, and one person had a reading so high that immediate medical advice and assistance  was required. All those whose BP was ‘checked’ were given written confirmation of their BP reading and advised of any other action to be taken, where necessary. 
Speaking after the event Rotary President David Ash thanked those Rotarians who had helped on the day, but pointed out that the biggest thank-you was due to the ‘blood pressure takers’ who had generously given up their own time to make the event possible. Rtn. Ash told the Chronicle;  ‘quite simply, without the attendance of the six members from both Biddulph Moor First Responders and Biddulph Red Cross, this event could not have taken place’ Thanks were also given to Sainsbury’s for hosting the day and in particular to Liz Heap, at Sainsbury’s, who had helped to organise the event with Rotary’s Community chairman. Last but not least the club president gave his grateful thanks to all of those shoppers who had literally ‘rolled-up their sleeves’ for their BP check.
After the event, a totting-up of all the BP checks undertaken over the last 10 years revealed that almost 2000 people had now had a free BP check taken as part of Rotary's on-going campaign.
Laura McGuinness, who leads on stroke prevention at the Stroke Association said: “High blood pressure is often referred to as the silent killer because it doesn’t present any symptoms, and many people have no idea their health may be at risk. Over 9 million people in the UK are currently registered with high blood pressure, but estimates suggest there could be up to almost 7 million people who are currently undiagnosed and at risk. A stroke is an ‘attack’ which occurs when the blood supply to part of the brain is cut off, either by a clot or bleeding in the brain. There are approximately 152,000 strokes every year in the UK and a stroke is the leading cause of severe adult disability. There are now over 1.2 million people in the UK who are living with the effects of a stroke.’’
This was the first year Sainsbury’s have hosted the event, which was so successful that Sainsbury’s store manager Duncan Thomson has already expressed an interest in hosting the event again in 2017.
Biddulph Rotary hope to see as many people as possible at next year’s event, when that 2000 total will surely be surpassed!
For further information about strokes visit www.stroke.org.uk/kybp.
Biddulph Rotary - working to keep Biddulph healthy.

MAY 25th 2016 - ACORN AWARDS.
At a ceremony at the Biddulph Victoria Centre last night, Biddulph Rotary President Dave Ash presented the Acorn Awards.
Some years ago Biddulph Rotary took over the running and administration of the Acorn Awards Trust, and has been making the awards to the winners at an annual ceremony. The Rebecca Harris Trust, which originally administered the Acorn Awards, was started in 1989 by Frank Harris in memory of his daughter, who tragically died young in a road accident..
The Awards are open to any young person (up to 23years of age) from Biddulph who has made a significant achievement in the sporting, academic or artistic field, or alternatively to a young person who has performed an act of unusual perseverance, courage or service to others.
The three successful nominees receive a framed certificate, together with the annual trophy and cheque for £150 for the winner, and a cheque for £75 for each of the two runners-up. An award of a certificate and a cheque for £200 can also be made to a designated group of young people who satisfy the criteria, nominated by a responsible adult.
The Winner of the trophy this year was Jasmine Burndred. As Jasmine is away on holiday in Turkey the trophy is being received by her aunt. Last year Jasmine was looking forward to starting her University course when she got news that her brother had suffered a heart attack whilst on holiday in Turkey. Jasmine immediately rushed to be with him. Sadly her brother did not survive, but Jasmine has demonstated incredible strength and perseverance in supporting her family and working long hours to catch up on her studies, which she knows is what her brother would have wanted. She has also taken a very active part in raising over £20,000 for the charity, CRY - Cardiac Risk in the Young -  in the hope that no other families will have to suffer as they have. Her Aunt Helen received the award on her behalf from Biddulph Mayor, Jill Salt.
The two runners up were:
Chloe Roberts, who has not only succeeded in her chosen sport of Kickboxing, achieving many awards, but has also taken up Taekwondo and is achieving results in this. In addition, Cloe is a hardworking student at Woodhouse Academy, and represents the school in many sports.
Elizabeth Harris is a student at Biddulph High and works hard to balance her school work with her intensive training. Her heavy workload means that she has to sacrifice valuable social time to focus on her chosen sport of swimming. Lizzy now trains alongside, and is inspired by, some of Europe's top swimmers who are now targeting places on Team GB for Rio later this year. Since Lizzy's coach did not want her to miss training for an important tournament she could not be at the ceremony, and her Certificate was received by her father Bernard..
Biddulph Rotary - recognising the achievements of our younger generation.

On Monday 29th February the club was honoured to welcome Helen and Tom Bundy, representatives of the Shropshire and Staffordshire Blood Bikers. (SSBB)  They explained the role of the SSBB, by which a team of motorcyclists are ready at a moment's notice to transport urgent medicines, supplies, bloods, or organs, from one hospital to another. They further regaled members with stories and achievements over the last two years. Rotarians were sumptuous in their praise and support for the Bikers, and offered a donation of £250 towards the cost of helping the (entirely voluntary) group to operate.
If you would like further information on the SSBB, please email shrops.staffsbloodbikes@gmail.com ot tweet @staffsbloodbike